Fully customizable

By one tap

Encrypted transfer

Have you already installed the app? You can continue with adding the connection

Name the connection in unique way! Paths to lists, local and remote are recommneded to be set as absolute. Do not forget to enable the option "Wi-Fi only" if you assume that large files will be trasferred by this connection. Another option is the option to set also deleting the old files, by which you can choose suitable interval.

Information about your connection are saved only in your smartphone, and they are not trasferred anywhere else. Your security is the first priority for us.

Anytime you will want to synchronize the files, it will be just a matter of one tap.

The app will greet you by each launch It is fully prepared for your command to launch the comparing and copying. By tapping on main launch of all conneections, they will start to perform one after another. If some of them require Wi-FI connection, and you do not have it, it will be skipped.

Or you can launch the synchronization individually to particular connections you need. In the overview, by each connection, there is also the date and time of the last synchronization, so you know, if your work is all right.


Do you want to get rid of cables? Are you tired of manual copying? We have a solution for you!

The technológy is so advanced that wireless connection is comparable to the speed od common cable connection. Thanks to this app, you do not have to take care of cables and laborously copy the family photos or documents for work. You can perform everything by one tap.

Do you consider your privacy as important? Do you want to keep your personal things safe? Let´s encrypt!

Mistrust in large cloud corporations is very high, mainly after incidents, when the government requests publishing the passwords to data of customers. Therefore, we strive to decentralize the storage spaces, of which files will be encrypted already in the smartphone and will be sent to the server already encrypted. This will allow our app.

Try it today!

All functions are enabled, so you can try, how does the app work, for free. We will be glad, if you support us by buying the app, by which you will get extended options.

Into your computer

If you have the computer with the system Linux, you can synchronize the data directly with it thanks to OpenSSH. We are preparing the server app for customers with Windows.


Shortly, encrypting Zero - Knowledge means that service providers do not know anything about the data you save and store on servers.



  • 1 connection
  • Deleting of old files
  • Encrypting of files (being preprared)


2.99 / annually

  • Unlimited connections
  • Deleting of old files
  • Encrypting of files (being preprared)
  • Synchronization with Windows (being prepared)
  • Connection with other smartphone (being prepared)


49.99 / annually

  • Package PREMIUM and additionally
  • 100GB storage (being prepared)
  • "Zero-knowledge" only you have the key